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SliTaz GNU/Linux official and community documentation wiki.


SliTaz GNU/Linux with VirtualBox

You can now play with SliTaz GNU/Linux on Windows with VirtualBox. Required:

Step 1 - Downloads and installation.

  • Download and install 7-Zip - necessary to decompress the files.
  • Download and install the Oracle VitualBox software.
  • Download and decompress the virtual machine somewhere on your local hard drive.

Step 2 - Play the virtual machine.

Before running SliTaz GNU/Linux virtual machine you need to configure a new virtual machine in the VirtualBox software.

  1. Run virtualbox [Start/Programms/Oracle xVM VirtualBox/VirtualBox].
  2. Add a new Machine: Click on [New] toolbar button.
  3. Click [Next] in the “ Create New Virtual Machine ” dialog box.
  4. Give a name to your new virtual machine ( i.e: SliTaz GNU/Linux ), and select Linux 2.6 in OS Type list and click [Next] .
  5. Select the amount of memory for the virtual machine. 256MB default should be sufficient.
  6. In the “ Virtual Hard Disk ” dialog box click on the [Existing] button to use your SliTaz virtual disk.
  7. The Virtual Disk Manager start. Click the [Add] toolbar button, locate and select the VDI file (i.e: slitaz-1.9-x86.vdi ).
  8. Click on [Next] and [Finish].

If you wish to set up a network using the Host-only adapter, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the [Settings] toolbar button
  2. Click on [Network] in the side menu
  3. Select the Network Adapter (usually Adapter 1) and set it for Host-only networking
  4. Click on the Advanced arrow
  5. Change the Adapter Type to PCnet-FAST III
  6. Click on OK

The default Intel adapter seems to work fine for NAT, but not for Host-only networking.

You can now play with your new SliTaz GNU/Linux virtual machine.

<note> VirtualBox can use VMware virtual disks as well. </note>

<note> If you experience resolution problems (no larger than 800 x 600) check the following forum post: http://forum.slitaz.org/topic/screen-resolution/page/2 </note>


You can install the open source edition of virtualbox (free software) in SliTaz with the package virtualbox-ose:

# tazpkg get-install virtualbox-ose

This is a restricted version without USB support.

Slitaz get-virtualbox

You can install virtualbox (full, but non-free version) in Slitaz with the get-virtualbox package:

# tazpkg get-install get-virtualbox ; get-virtualbox

Other virtualization (free software) is also available such as lguest or qemu.

Installing Virtualbox Guest Additions

<note tip>See guest additions for SliTaz 4.0 in the forum

And for Slitaz 5.0 here</note>

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